Papanui cycling club

Welcome to the Papanui Cycling Club

Whether you have been racing for a while or are new to the sport we are here to help, foster and help you learn about cycle racing. We have plenty of experienced racers that are happy to help. And if your'e looking for social and fun races then we are the club for you no matter what age, gender or ability!

We have been around for a while with a history to back us. We make things easier for you on this site, like registering for a race, getting your results or seeing what's coming up with our Race calendar.

If you have any questions and want to get more information you can go to our Contact us page for more details.

Race information & events notice board

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Get in touch with us through our Contact us page or through our Facebook page using instant messaging.

Because we are all volunteers please give us a couple of days to reply.

But if it's super urgent you could try texting this number 027 6433346 if you're late to get in on a race.

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